Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Help Needed

I like bright colors... have ya noticed?? My husband is an engineer...all you ladies married to engineers know what I am talking about right now. My husband is conservative :) I made a quilt with Fandango by Kate Spain...

I want it on the bed... my husband ... not so much. So I have some pretty Fig and Plum... a whole fat quarter pack... it is the perfect colors for him. I need a pattern ... I have been looking and looking I can't find one. It has to be something not too fussy. I don't want to spend a year making it becuase then, when the dog gets on the bed, I will freak out. Any suggestions? Please!!!


Sarah Craig said...

Check out Crazy Mom Quilts' Fair and Square quilt -


I think this is a great guy's quilt - plus it showcases fabric really well!

Good luck! PS I love your Fandango quilt! Very nice!!

kate spain said...

Booooo on the hubby vote!! booooooo!
i totally love it! Doesn't that make it two against one? Wait! Sarah loves it too...THREE against one. We win :)

grendelskin said...

Agreed on all counts! This fabric line is so lovely, and really not *that* bold. Tell the engineer that he won't see it when he's sleeping, his eyes will be closed! Or better, show him a few well-selected Kaffe florals and ask him very sweetly, "Honey, do you prefer these for the bed?"