Monday, December 13, 2010

Sometimes I wish....

I owned more than this little scrap of the net. Sometimes something comes along that I want to throw my whole world into and I want others to come along and do the same. I wish I could get the word out to a million people.

Some of you may know Traceyjay she has introduced me to The Hendricks family and Heartline Ministries . I want to do so much for this organization but I am not rich. I wish I could give them everything they need for the Teen Mom Home but I can't. What can I do? I can make things for the Quilt Hope In etsy shop (check). I can adopt a room, taking it on faith that God will help me find the funds (I am trying to adopt the pink bathroom) (didn't get a bathroom am sending funds instead).  I can tell you all about it, and hope that you get involved too (check).

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Betsy Lynn said...

Julie, thank you so much for posting this. I came across this a few weeks ago and lost the link. :(
I would like permission to repost your post in my blog and put a link on Facebook. And just maybe the word will spread about this great organization and the etsy shop.