Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog Awards.... and my friend at Adventures of a Cross Stitch Drama Queen

Hi Everyone,

Two of my good friends/blog buddies have given me blog awards lately...

First by Anna aka "The Peaceful Piecer"

Then by Hollie aka "The Undercover Crafter"

I love these two ladies and their will notice that a few days ago I featured Hollie... but I really was in a conundrum. The purpose of these awards is to feature blogs with less than 300 followers... to post links to three blogs that you love that are not as exposed. My problem is I have a bunch of favorite bloggers with fewer than 300 followers so how can I choose just three? So my solution to this is to do as I started a few days ago, with Hollie, and feature a blog once a week. I want to make it meaningful and actually tell you the things I love about each one of them.

Today I want to introduce you to Jana at "Adventures of a Cross Stitch Drama Queen". I am so happy to call Jana a friend. She is also on The Quilted Fish's Creative Consulting Team with me. She does a lot more than Cross Stitch too, let me tell ya. This girl is what I always wanted to be, truly witty and funny (I mean belly laugh funny)  not to mention beautiful ;) Please, just go and read a few posts, and tell me if you don't agree. While you are there why not leave her a comment and tell her how beautiful she is.... I mean who doesn't want to hear that :)

I gakked this from her blog... the scooters slay me...


Mama Pea said...

I loved that portfolio I bought it right away. I have a scooter and love anything scooter!

jlk said...

Aw, shucks! I'm blushing here! It does make me more beautiful, though ;)