Thursday, February 3, 2011

How about a little Valentine Pressie and a PIF?

Hi Everyone,

Would you like to make a little present for someone for Valentine's and only have about $1 out of pocket? Go to Michaels (or Ikea) and pick up one of these cute heart frames, they literally cost $1. Grab a scrap bucket or two and meet me back here on Tuesday. (You might want a few embellishments like buttons, and a craft glue that works on fabric, my favorite is E-6000 which is available at Michael's as well) I decided to do a mini supply list ( I always assume everyone is a pack rat like me and has stuff laying around but I shouldn't)

1- Frame to cover
1- tube of extra strength fabric glue (E-6000 is awesome)
1-posterboard or a couple pieces of card stock at least as big as the frame (I like to recycle priority mail
envelopes for this, you know the kind your fabric comes in when you order a ton of it online :) )
Scraps of fabric or one large piece at least 2 inches larger than the frame
1- piece of batting as large as the frame and other scraps of batting
A few buttons, beads, pieces of ribbon or what not (hehe that is a technical term)
Sewing needle
Large embroidery needle or large safety pin
Thread to match embellishments or fabric

Hollie Had a Pay it Forward post a day or two ago and I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive a present from her sometime in the next year. In order to receive this I had to agree to PIF to 3 others in the next year. If you are willing to make 3 gifts and PIF on your blog please leave me a comment here telling me you will. I will enter you in a PIF giveaway and maybe sometime in the next year you will receive a hand made pressie from me. I will leave it open until tomorrow night.

If you are not interested in being part of the giveaway you can still comment. I will just sort through the do's and don'ts :)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I would love to PIF! And will pull my supplies - yeah I got a lot of junk - for the heart party.

Becky said...

I simply LOVE paying it forward and would love to play!

jlk said...

I do not want to PIF (horrible, I know!), but I am intruiged by your upcoming project :)

Brooke said...

Very, very cute project!! I just need some more time!

Jackie said...

I love that you say stores like Michael's and Ikea... cause i can get to them... it takes 2 hours, but doable! and thanks for the tip on glue! I am going to pick some up for sure!