Friday, March 26, 2010

Great Man... New Iron

So I know you have seen me previously lamenting about my terrible iron. I bought it for $10 when I was flat broke. When I married my husband I thought... surely he has a better iron. I turned it on and a flood of ants swarmed out of it... ewww. So I limped along with my little Sunbeam (have I mentioned that we are cheap frugal?) until last Sunday as I was ironing these:

The water started leaking out of the cord hole. I was half way through the blocks so I decided to finish them while standing in the puddle (my husband asked if I had a death wish... obviously he doesn't understand) and lived to tell about it. My In-Laws have been here all week so I had no time to sew. Somehow I managed to forget that my iron went out with the trash. I started cutting today and then realized I couldn't piece anything without an iron. Called hubby at work "Can you stop at Target and get a good steam iron?" I had previously informed him I was going to order one and it was going to cost $140 ... to which he rolled his eyes. So I anxiously waited for him to get home... when he came in before I opened the bag I asked "What did you get?" he said "I just went in and bought the most expensive one they had". I laughed (see previous cheap frugal comment) then opened the bag. This is what he got:

Needless to say I was quite happy. This is supposed to be a good one. Now here is where I have to say I am mad at you.... yes, you... no one ever told me that blocks could be this flat:

I know it is hard to tell... but trust me they are flat. I am very upset that you all were keeping this from me. :) I mean look at this:

I know you can't tell but it is really flat flat... I love it. Hubby got a big kiss...


ircabbit said...

I got a Rowenta for Christmas - I love it. I can't believe how much better it is than anything that I've used before. It does suck down water like it's... um... water... but it works soooo well I can't complain.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...


Chris said...

I just got a rowenta today that I'm excited to try out! Congrats on the new acquisition!