Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meadow Breeze BOM and the Teacher gift...

I finally fused the block for Pat Sloan's Meadow Breeze Bom I  love how it came out... now I have some hand work to do while my daughter is in state standardized tests next month (have I mentioned that I home school?) .

The curriculum that we use is actually part of the state public school system and it is free. It is called K12. With this we are assigned a "Teacher" she is around to answer questions about format with the online portions of the school as well as administration stuff. I am called a "Learning Coach" even though I am the one doing the actual teaching... confusing I know. Anyway, Erin's teacher Mrs. Y is going on maturnity leave at the end of this month, and yesterday was the last chance to see her before she goes. She is the recipient of the January Schnibble... for some reason she wanted to show the back (I think she wanted to show the label I drew a flower on ) but I didn't catch the label in the picture ... or her eyes open. It was super sunny and I couldn't see the screen on my husbands little pocket camera (give me the DSLR any day) so..... this is not a great pic  but at leas it proves I finished the quilt... :)

Serendipitously, she says the nursery is pink and green. YAY!

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